Emily is a virtual assistant for creative entrepreneurs and has spent the last 10+ years building businesses so her clients can get back to what they love most: their families and their homes. Her businesses are built on the foundation of love, the comforts of home, and her desire to serve others. She’s married to her high school sweetheart matthew and they live in Virginia with their sweet pup Abbie.

meet emily

lover of fresh fruit, bubble baths & starbucks pink drinks

My sweet "husband of a lifetime."

Our story began in high school Spanish class and, 16 years later, is stronger than ever. Matthew is a Physical Therapist and his favorite part of his job is that he gets to help his patients overcome adversity, something that we know all too well. We’ve climbed many mountains together but, no matter what, we always remain hand in hand. He is my biggest fan and his encouragement to chase my dreams made all of this possible.

Shout out to our best friend, Maddy – How do YOU spell love? Matthew likes to spell it E.M.I.L.Y.

meet matthew

lover of sweet tea, fishing, music, & a good glass of bourbon

Meet Abbie ⟶

Abbie is our sweet miniature schnauzer fur baby. She spends her days cuddling, following her mommy everywhere, staring longingly out the window, and playing with all of her toys. She looks forward to her daily walks around the neighborhood and always knows when it’s time for her daddy to come home.

She is truly the love of our lives and has brought so much joy to our family and home.

meet abbie

lover of cuddles, ice cubes, & her blue alligator, gary

Meet Emily ⟶

I was born, adopted and later married in Bar Harbor, Maine, so love + lobsters + home are all one and the same for me.

home is where the lobsters are

My parents are my heroes and I thank God every single day that I was, and always will be, their chosen child.

i am adopted

I am a homebody-at-heart and staying in > going out, always!

homebody at heart

Every time I enjoy a fresh raspberry I think of my grandfather's garden and his nurturing heart & remember where I got mine. 

do all things with love